Is the human race about to reap what it’s sown?

Seventeen months since I last posted. It’s been quiet.

Greece supplies the economic model for the UK whilst Ireland leads the way in fighting prejudice and legalising same-sex marriage. Sepp Blatter’s career ends in tatters under a corrupt stench of filthy money and Volkswagen plead guilty to playing dirty. At long, long last Shaker Aamer returns home after 13 years in hell, yet Guantanamo remains open. A whole new scale of hell breaks loose in the Middle East, as terrorist attacks, suicide bombings and deaths of innocent civilians all continue to escalate worldwide. Immigrants seek refuge in desperation, meeting open arms and closed, ill-informed minds depending on where you look.

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Russell Brand and The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Russell Brand, the man of the moment, whether he’s loved or loathed, hero-worshiped or hated, is causing quite a stir with his revolutionary hullabaloo. Everyone is having their say, from celebrities to social commentators, right-wing politicians to left-wing footballers, he’s being shot down or smothered with love from every angle. Good. Even his biggest critics can see at worst he’s encouraging debate and activity. For a long while (the Big Brother years) I couldn’t turn off the TV quick enough when he appeared with his cock-sure, overtly sexual gesticulations, which were as off-putting as the piece of shit programme he was presenting. But people change. Or some become better entertainers. Continue reading

World Mental Health Day – are we learning?

Today is World Mental Health Day. A day to raise awareness and understanding, to encourage discussion and learning, and boy is it needed. Yes, we are getting there slowly. Very slowly, through intelligent discussion and the work of many fantastic charities and organisations, but as long as our understanding of mental health conditions falls way behind our knowledge of physical problems, our ability to help and support those in need will continue to drop woefully short. Continue reading

International Day Of Peace – spread the love…

Where are the headlines? Where are the cards, filling the shelves and feeding the capitalist dream? Where is the shared love, the hash tags and social media frenzy, the public obsession or worldwide attention? Who knows today is the International Day Of Peace? This is nothing new. Established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, every year the 21st September is marked as a day to honour non-violence and cease-fire, a day to educate and raise public awareness on all peace-related issues, and a day to spread a message of love and compassion, essential for the full attainment of our human rights. What could be more worthwhile? Continue reading

One world – independence is a state of mind

So this morning I woke up to the news that we are still the same United Kingdom. It looked for a few days recently like that was all about to change as the No Thanks campaign was on a mission to self-destruct, that was until Gordon ‘The Lionheart’ Brown stepped up to the plate. Brown’s passion, intensity and bravado clearly showed up Darling’s consistently feeble efforts, almost willing Scotland to part. Continue reading

Frankie Boyle – shock and awe in aid of Reprieve

In 2011 the Daily Mirror wrote a pile of shite about Frankie Boyle, so he sued them, and was awarded £54,650 as a result. Those defamatory words read by millions may have stuck in the minds of the British public, but quite probably a far less known fact is that he donated his ‘winnings’ to Reprieve, to back their landmark legal attempt to sue the MI6 over accusations that they castigated Shaker Aamer, who after more than twelve years is still imprisoned at Guantanamo, USA’s 9/11 revenge-based human hell-hole, without charge or trial. Continue reading

Viva Viva Palestina! Scotland unites for Palestine

Scotland united for Palestine today as thousands descended upon the Mound in Edinburgh for a peaceful demonstration against the atrocities in Gaza. With similar demonstrations happening all over the UK the voice from the civilian population at least is clear – end the massacre and bring peace to Gaza and Palestine. With a death toll now in excess of 1000, mostly civilians, and a ceasefire simply enabling the world to see the extent of the devastation, this respite is at best an opportunity to negotiate, for what it’s worth. Continue reading

Palestine and Israel – If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor…

20 months ago I felt the need to write about the Middle East ‘conflict’. My focus was aimed at an attempt by the West to bring a settlement to the situation, and peace to the area. Clearly a failed effort we are here once again. Palestinians, sick of being prisoners in the rapidly decreasing land are futilely fighting back. Futile as the current battle is being fought from Gaza, where 1.2m of its1.7m Palestinian residents are refugees, forced from their own land in 1948 to create Israel. Gaza, with a land, sea and air blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt which has no army, no air force or navy, whilst Israel has one of the most armed militaries in the world. How do we know? Well, to quote Bill Hicks… we looked at the receipt. Go on, scroll down to Israel… Continue reading

The fall of Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter and the rise of America’s new slave trade

A few days ago Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter died peacefully in his sleep aged 76, having fought prostate cancer in Toronto, the New Jersey native’s adopted home. This medical illness was his last fight and almost certainly his least notorious, having been a professional middleweight boxer from 1961-66 and a ‘contender’ for the World title. His pugilistic profession was still not his most difficult. Far from it. His conflict with the law, which started when he was sent to a juvenile reform centre after committing assault, aged 11, and continuing until his death, led him to notoriety, not least through Bob Dylan’s classic musical homage ‘Hurricane’. In 1967 Carter was convicted, alongside new friend John Artis, for three murders at a New Jersey bar the year before. Continue reading