Is the human race about to reap what it’s sown?

Seventeen months since I last posted. It’s been quiet.

Greece supplies the economic model for the UK whilst Ireland leads the way in fighting prejudice and legalising same-sex marriage. Sepp Blatter’s career ends in tatters under a corrupt stench of filthy money and Volkswagen plead guilty to playing dirty. At long, long last Shaker Aamer returns home after 13 years in hell, yet Guantanamo remains open. A whole new scale of hell breaks loose in the Middle East, as terrorist attacks, suicide bombings and deaths of innocent civilians all continue to escalate worldwide. Immigrants seek refuge in desperation, meeting open arms and closed, ill-informed minds depending on where you look.

Russia flexes militarily with bomb-laden vessels soon bound for Syria via the English Channel. Nothing to see there. Just posturing in the extreme, much like North Korea with its nuclear testing. The very real threats of TTIP, Fracking and Climate Change seem to be a distant distraction, whilst perhaps most frightening of all; the US election shows Donald Trump to be the most repugnant, egotistical, habitual liar, inciting hatred and fear, and without the ability to make a moral, let alone political decision. By comparison Hillary’s lies and corruption are simply the political norm.

At home the Tories somehow managed to defy the polls to win another election, and immediately hundreds of thousands march against their austerity program. The SNP enjoy a huge surge of support and Labour implodes spectacularly. Out of the ashes steps Jeremy Corbyn, doing politics differently. The implosions continue. Sadiq Khan defeats Zac Goldsmith to succeed Boris Johnson in London proving hope can beat fear, whilst Junior doctors are continually fucked over by the Government. 11,000 BHS jobs go as Philip Green buys three more yachts. Child abuse cases amongst the establishment escalate amongst rumours of PMs fucking pigs. Tax havens prove an unwelcome distraction. Carrier bags become as dirty as Cameron’s reputation and the UK starts naming storms.


Following an unprecedented wave of lies and deceit, England and Wales vote to leave the EU, Scotland and Northern Ireland vote to remain. Social hostility and economic instability ensues. Labour implodes again. Cameron resigns, (pig)tail between legs, Osborne buries his head in the sand leaving Boris Johnson and Michael Gove to fight dirty with handbags. Theresa May watches Andrea Leadsom talk herself out of the running, et viola… Nigel Farage runs away laughing his fucking head off as his female equivalent sneaks in. In hilarity stakes Boris Johnson’s appointment as Foreign Secretary rivals that of Tony Blair as Middle East Peace Envoy. The Chilcot Inquiry proved what we all knew already. Nuclear weapons seem as popular as ever amongst MPs as a way to spend the nation’s dwindling pound. ‘Unelectable’ Jeremy Corbyn laughs at Owen Smith and the PLP again as Labour membership numbers go over half a million. Oh, and Chris Evans flops with cars, Bake Off is off, and Brangelina is a word.

All this has happened. Yes, Team GB did good and Leicester City, even without untold wealth, even better. Tim Peake’s astronautic exploits are mind-blowing and water has been found on Mars, but it’s hard sometimes, very fucking hard to remain positive, to remain optimistic, to keep the flame of hope burning. As money talks louder than ever, meaning the establishment sets the hate-filled, fear-fuelled capitalist agenda, the many rays of light of decency and positivity become down-trodden and ridiculed. Jeremy Corbyn, for all of his initial flaws, offers such hope. His opponents are many, the vast majority of the media to begin with, though none more so than his ‘colleagues’ who long for Labour’s Tory-light days. But, his public support is clear to see if you choose to open your eyes. The rest of the world seems intent on destruction. That’s if you see, read or hear the news. See above. Good news must be out there somewhere, but there’s no money in kindness and compassion so fear, threat, war and death remains our daily news diet. Yum.


Threats are everywhere; just choose your enemies carefully. My bicycle and new laminate floor are more likely to cause me harm than anything I see on TV. Both hands on the bars and don’t run in socks. There. Safe. Brexit see the UK up shit creek without a policy or a paddle, but what worries me most is the very real possibility, which year by year is becoming a reality; that the human race about to reap what it’s sown. Hate crime is escalating rapidly as the Tories talk of “British jobs for British workers”. Trump talks of uniting the US but is inciting hatred and division on a daily basis, and with dirty bombs paid for by dirty money being all the bloody rage, change, surely must happen before it’s too late.

As Ken Loach said very recently: “If you’re not angry about it, what sort of person are you?” But, ever the optimist he offers: “I think people are getting the sense that the world cannot be sustained like this. The impulse behind Syriza, Podemos, Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn is that another world is possible. There is a sense that we really have to change things now.” I refuse to see the world as anything but a beautiful place full of love, a deep ocean of culture to be celebrated and explored, and the miracle of nature. I will not be fuelled by greed, see the need for a nuclear deterrent as poverty continues to rise, or believe a fucking word Murdoch says. Stand up against the haters, realise we are all one race and yes, choose your enemies carefully.


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