People and the planet before power and profit

What better reason to start writing again after a four month hiatus than a nail-biting general election. Well, it’s either that or writing about Chelsea boring their way to the league title or serial abuser Floyd ‘Money’ Fucking Mayweather beating Manny Pacquiao despite having hit his various girlfriends with more venom. Or then again I could pretend to be an AFC Bournemouth fan despite not having seen them play in over 30 years. Of course they’ve always been my second team. Just now they’re a much closer second to City. Anyway, politics…

I’m no political know-it-all; I know where I sit, stand, lean and fall politically, and as my age increases so does my interest. I’d agree it’s a good rule of thumb to only write about things you know rather a lot about. Well, what is politics if it’s not about people, communities and well… life and how we live it? Politics is day to day life, but due to the fact that the common lifestyle of your everyday politician bears no resemblance to that of your everyday regular Joe, we’ve seen a growing disassociation and disillusionment amongst voters. Until now.


Watching the TV debates and listening to female voices reasoning over the male dominated red vs blue negative tit for tat crap, I see rays of light for our political future. For the first time ever we have seen a reasonable and fair amount of media coverage given to ‘minority’ parties. For the last thirty years the gap between left and right has closed to the point that they’re nearly holding hands, so to see and hear not just the Libs, but also a whole field of runners and riders getting their views across has made the last month or two notably more interesting.

Whilst the outcome is far from clear, one thing is certain; the traditional votes for Labour & Conservative will fall considerably, and those for the minority parties will rise as a result. Good. Or at least it would be if the actual number of votes counted for anything. But hey… whilst there’s still a Lab/Con stronghold our outdated and undemocratic voting system will remain. SNP, Green and UKIP have gained air time and their votes will increase as a result, but it’s seats that count and whilst FPTP is leading to an exciting climax it still stinks of a fix. Yes, on this issue and this issue only I’m agreeing with Farage, though I’ve no doubt he doesn’t actually believe in PR; he’d drop a democratic voting system as soon as it no longer served his political needs.

For all the simplified sloganeering on show, there is one main issue that will decide my vote. Fairness. We hear much about the haves and the have nots, the divide between the rich and the poor being greater than ever, and whilst pre-Blair we could at least depend upon the Labour party to stand up for a fairer society, I still have huge doubts that Miliband leads the type of Labour party I want to vote for. I now have far more belief that it’s the Green Party which believes in the type of fair, just and nuclear free country I’d like to live in.


I hear about doubts regarding the Green’s ability to run the country’s finances, but with our debt currently running at a mighty £1.4trillion I don’t really think we have too much to lose. Vitally for me – and this is where it’s important that I have faith in what they say – is their promise to gain extra revenue and begin to reduce the deficit by clamping down on tax evasion and avoidance, making the tax system fairer and making sure those in work are paid a living wage (£10/hr), reducing the need for in work benefits. Then there’s their promise to get rid of tuition fees and the saving of £100billion by not replacing Trident. Deterrent my arse. Trident doesn’t deter terrorists or sectarianism, and I have major doubts that the 187 countries that don’t possess a nuclear deterrent are feeling any less safe. Spend the money where it’s needed.

For the first time I see a challenge towards the political elite. I see a groundswell of opinion against our current system with UKIP, SNP and the Greens providing alternatives, the latter whose policies continue to strike a growing number of favourable chords throughout the country, amongst young voters in particular who have yet to be brainwashed into believing there are only two real options. There are alternatives to our ever narrowing ruling elite. Some stink of shit and others offer a new way of thinking, putting people and the planet before power and profit. No more red vs blue. Vote for what you truly believe.


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