International Day Of Peace – spread the love…

Where are the headlines? Where are the cards, filling the shelves and feeding the capitalist dream? Where is the shared love, the hash tags and social media frenzy, the public obsession or worldwide attention? Who knows today is the International Day Of Peace? This is nothing new. Established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, every year the 21st September is marked as a day to honour non-violence and cease-fire, a day to educate and raise public awareness on all peace-related issues, and a day to spread a message of love and compassion, essential for the full attainment of our human rights. What could be more worthwhile?


So, where are the headlines? Well, here’s one:


For International Day Of Peace those beautiful peaceniks at CND H/Q encouraged students in three age categories to write creatively relating to such things as peace and nuclear issues. Spanning year groups 3 to 13 the writing is an inspiration. No promotion of greed, anger or hatred, no desire for a frenzied contest for new borders or fighting over those that already exist.

I ask again, where are the headlines? Is the truth simply that there is no money to be made in a peaceful world? No new killing machines to create or spent bombs to replenish. No billion dollar deals to be made to make our world a safer place? Because we can all see we are so much safer with our nuclear deterrent. No… the message of peace and a world free of nuclear arms must be whispered, for it is a dangerous directive when there are dollars being dealt.

Let’s spread the love, share the message and rejoice in the awareness and inspiration of the likes of Adefemisola Bajulaye from Deptford Green School

An Interpretation

I was free (I’m sure) at a certain point

Till I signed away my freedom with a certain pen…

And now I am living in a lion’s den, stuck in a pit without a ladder.

We could progress but does it matter?

Because progression would mean the disenchantment

Of the illusion we delude ourselves with.

Freedom, Peace, War,

These are things we all adore:

We claim we want peace but we truly want power,

We think we have freedom but truly the sweetness of our freedom is sour,

And so we result to war in a cowardly manner.

Though the problems are non-existent we solidify them,

Our vision fogged by the ephemerality of our pride and prejudice

So, I contemplate

Lament the struggle I had and do have as the war which I face

Converse about the freedom. I choose to be free.

An ethical conundrum?

See, for choice is the main war that we avoid

For it is seen as a morbid ambition,

An immense tuition,

Not worth investing in, a condemned reflection consequently,

Dispossessed from the truth.

Peace be with you.


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