One world – independence is a state of mind

So this morning I woke up to the news that we are still the same United Kingdom. It looked for a few days recently like that was all about to change as the No Thanks campaign was on a mission to self-destruct, that was until Gordon ‘The Lionheart’ Brown stepped up to the plate. Brown’s passion, intensity and bravado clearly showed up Darling’s consistently feeble efforts, almost willing Scotland to part.

How does this make me feel? Well, throughout the last few months I have seen, heard and read the pros and cons, understanding the arguments of both campaigns whilst remaining strangely ambivalent. Why? Well, I was going to attempt an eloquent explanation today but then I read a status from an old friend and thought… There! What he said!


Grant Sharkey uses words wisely, turning them into actions to help spread love and laughter through all around him. I have nothing more to add to his words below, other than to say one thing that this campaign has clearly shown is that the vast majority want change. Not necessarily a change of borders and boundaries, but a change in the system and in the way we are governed. Let this referendum be the ignition in a fight for compassion, fairness and a truly equal society where barriers of any description do not exist.

Mr. Grant Sharkey…

Had my porridge this morning and digested a strange mix of news and opinions about the Scottish Independence Referendum.

As someone who doesn’t define themselves as a Briton or English when I’m aware that I live on a planet of billions of other people, I find it hard to understand national identity as being anything more than a postal address. The rest is completely made up in our minds.

What I tend to stand for is the right to live an entire life without someone who gives a fuck about making money or growing a power base, stomping up and down on people’s minds to achieve their aims.

Independence is a state of mind and those of us that know this are united across borders, class, gender and religious divides – and we all have a common cause: to stand with each other as we slowly erode these man-made boundaries, petty differences and self-serving greed/control addicts until we reach a state of mind that reflects our true circumstances. That we’re billions of individuals on a planet at the same time.

No need for hippy dippy shit, just the strength to rage/laugh long enough at the people conditioned to care about these small and fleeting things.

It starts in our communities and moves outwards until we reach the next community reaching out for their lives to mean more than their taxable value.


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