A message of love

“Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.” So spoke Jim Carrey’s character Joel Barish in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Hmm…

Well… what better way to tell someone you love them? What better way to make that special, impulsive romantic gesture? What better way to tell the love of your life that they mean everything to you, that they are your world and without them you wouldn’t be the person you are? What better way to support our horribly commercial capitalist society that force-feeds us overpriced slushy greetings cards and those special ‘must have’ treats for our lovers on this one, oh so special day each year? Bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day? Box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Yeah, that’ll do it.

Believe in and celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, named after a Christian Saint, if you wish. Personally, I’d like to shove Valentine’s Day or more specifically the commercial frenzy that goes with it up its own grubby capitalist arse, instead sending the world a real message of love. I can but wish.


Imagine if this one day each year everyone, literally everyone stopped hating, stopped fighting, stopped dropping bombs, stopped creating drones and the next multi-billion dollar ‘combat vehicle’ invented to remind us that the world is a dangerous, frightening place to live – because it is you know, and don’t you forget it. Imagine if everyone promoted peace and campaigned against war and the sickening waste of money spent on weapons of mass, unimaginable destruction. Imagine if people of all religions, all beliefs, regardless of wealth or status just stopped hating. Stopped killing, and started loving each other. World Peace Day takes place every year on 21st September – did you know that? Nope? But hey… you know all about Valentine’s Day, right?

Bill Hicks said it best…

Sure, send beautiful flowers. Sure, take the love of your life out for a meal. Just don’t do it on Valentine’s Day because society tells you. That’s David Cameron’s wet dream and you wouldn’t want to be part of that, would you?


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