Clare Daly – pimps, prostitutes, Obama and the Irish Government

I recently wrote this about Owen Jones: “…a man who speaks with more common sense, decency, fairness and passion than any current serving politician.” After watching the video below I think that statement may be challenged. Clare Daly is the Independent Socialist TD for Dublin North. Formerly a Councillor for the Swords Local Electoral Area, she was first elected to Fingal County Council in 1999.

Wikipedia pages must be approached with caution, but their content is by and large accurate, and Clare Daly’s makes for a very interesting read. A far more reliable source for information would be her own massively educative website, and the ‘about Clare’ page. Her twitter account says a lot too, from which she regularly posts, pointing followers to various websites, speeches, strikes, poems, rallies and political issues, coming from her own socialist standpoint.


This video is an edited version of one posted on Clare Daly’s twitter page on 19 June this year, taken from the Leaders’ Questions at the Irish Parliament where the focus for debate was on Syria. In it she pours scorn on President Obama, calling him a “war criminal” and “hypocrite of the century” as well as accusing her own government of being “…pimps, prostituting ourselves for a pat on the head”, ridiculing the “sycophantic fawning over them (Obama family) by sections of the media an the political establishment.”

Daly’s attack on Obama and her own Prime Minister is brave and to the point, focused on peace and diplomacy. It is passionate in the extreme, not so much asking questions, but demanding answers. Her own viewpoint on Syria, she said, is best summed up by a recent quote by Oxfam, who in May this year said: “Sending arms to the Syrian opposition won’t create a level playing field. Instead, it risks further fuelling an arms free-for-all where the victims are the civilians of Syria. Our experience from other conflict zones tells us that this crisis will only drag on for far longer if more and more arms are poured into the country.”

This video is apparently ‘going viral’. Good, it should be. The constant need for the USA to prove themselves as supposed peace-keepers of the world, masters of diplomacy whose methods focus on bombs and bloodlust rather than peace and providence. In a recent speech Obama stated the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” Wrong, Mr Obama. In a world where everyone is born equal, the USA’s apparent determination to escalate war and destruction is a very long way from exceptional.


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