My vasectomy experience – part 3

So, I thought I’d document my vasectomy experience.  For some gentlemen unsure of the real nitty gritty involved (whether it hurts or not) I thought it may be a chance to be informative without prejudice. I’m not a chemist, doctor, surgeon or involved in the contraception industry.

Going by the statistics (being number obsessed I can’t not look at them every day) it appears my first blog was of interest to many, my second too but less so. I thought I’d end by writing about the second and third post-op weeks, to round off my vasectomy experience. This won’t take long…


Blood – none. Swelling – none. Bruising – gone. Ache – none since a day or two ago. Surgery wounds – healing fine thank you very much. Itchy? YESSSSSSSSSSS! Is this why rappers ‘n homeboys hold their crotch so much? Do they shave their cock and balls monthly? I must’ve looked like a right perv at times these last two weeks with my hand rummaging around deep inside my pants. But when you’ve got an itch you’ve got to scratch, right? No matter where. I am now one month post-op and the itching has just about subsided. So for information… two weeks of scratching and adjusting your balls in public, and it’s all over.

All in all it’s been fine I guess. I’d not done it before (obviously), so had nothing to judge the experience by. But had I known before the operation what was in store would it have made any difference? No, not at all. Men, it’s fine. Really. Of course I can say that now it’s all over. I don’t think I’ll bother you with a vasectomy experience 4 – the semen deposit. Or shall I?


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