Tony Benn – The Flame of Anger Against Injustice and the Flame of Hope

News, debate and opinion about the current government and the current welfare reforms are everywhere. Politically I sit fairly wide on the left, so my social media feeds, my friends, commentators and journals of choice are unanimous in their bitterness and anger at the current capitalist vulgarity. MPs, by and large are full of hot air, most of it odorous. But one man stands alone as a beacon of common sense and fairness, of straight-talking amongst the crooked meanderings of todays parliamentarians. Tony Benn retired from politics in 2001, he said he was “leaving parliament in order to spend more time on politics”, but he has never, and I doubt he ever will stop discussing, debating and arguing quite brilliantly for what is right, just and fair for our society

As Tony Benn says: “If people knew what was happening they wouldn’t accept what’s happening”. No doubt this current nugget of news will slip quietly under the noses of most – The annual cost to the taxpayer of supporting the Queen is rising by £5m, following changes to the way the monarch’s role is funded. A proportion of the country may be aware of some of what’s going on, but is there enough fire in the nation’s belly to do anything about it?

On Monday, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith insisted changes to the welfare system were fair. When asked if he could live on £53 a week, Mr Duncan Smith said: “If I had to I would.” Since then a petition has been set up challenging Mr Duncan Smith to prove his claim. It has currently (7pm on Tuesday) been signed by just under 300,000 people. Today George Osborne spoke about changes to the tax and benefits system. It’s a million miles from Tony Benn and it’s my guess it’s a million miles from the vast majority of the population.



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