Crime pays

So, not long ago Rebekah Brooks resigned as editor of The Sun and News of the World. This was in the wake of a series of charges she now faces, namely conspiring (with her husband) to pervert the course of justice and interfere with a Scotland Yard investigation, paying rather large amounts of money to, amongst others, the police and a Ministry Of Defence official in exchange for ‘news stories’, and the small matter of hacking into the public’s private phone calls, including the schoolgirl Milly Dowler. Without assuming anything, my guess is there may be an element of truth in some of these allegations.


It seems strange to me (I’m obviously not switched on to employment law) that Brooks was allowed to resign. With such serious allegations I would have assumed she would instead be suspended from her work whilst these charges were investigated, rather serious as they are. Alas no, not only was she allowed to resign, but accounts published yesterday reveal she was awarded £10.8m from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation – as compensation! Um, compensation for what, exactly? As editor of these fine journals the buck must clearly stop with Brooks – and what big bucks they are.

If your average Joe Public doing your average Joe job faced similar allegations, I would expect a little less ‘support’. That payout includes ‘various ongoing benefits’ – including paying for an office in Marylebone for two years, and all staff costs over the same period. Brooks will also have ‘all legal and other professional costs’ relating to the various court cases she is fighting paid for by News Corp ‘until those investigations are concluded’. Of course she will.


Brooks may, however, have to pay back a portion of that fortune if she is found guilty of a criminal offence. Much as I would like to believe that justice will be served, such is the power and influence connected to the Murdoch empire (David Cameron, I believe has ‘some’ influence – lol sic), I would not be surprised at all if she were to walk free. Her years of corrupt back-slapping and unlawful enterprise amongst the country’s ‘elite’ will serve her well over the months ahead.

Lord Justice Leveson’s recent report into media standards found Cameron’s closeness to senior media executives like Brooks had created a problem of ‘public perception’. I perceive corruption. A large sum of money equating to a legal loophole. The Murdoch and the News Corp mafia are clearly closing ranks. This episode, more than ever, will prove how far money and power can corrupt the system.


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