Sweet – ‘Blockbuster’

A life in music No.2 – 1973

Sweet – ‘Blockbuster’

To make it clear, this ‘Musics’ list will not be a list of my favourite music, more a list of musical memories which have had an effect on me – music which, when I think back, had a dramatic change to the way I thought or behaved. Music which has inspired me. No doubt much of this will indeed be my favourite music. That said, I would not put ‘Blockbuster’ by Sweet in my all-time top 100. It may make my all-time top 1000 just for nostalgic reasons, but whilst it’s far from being shit its appeal to me is indeed, purely based on nostalgia.


When this hit Top of the Pops I was 7 years old. Why did I like it so much? Well, it’s a bloody catchy tune, huh!? Easy to sing along to, perfect lyrics for a boy of my age (I seem to remember) but equally, if not more importantly for me (I also seem to remember) was the fact that I looked like the lead singer, Brian Connolly. Obviously I didn’t but my hair was exactly the same colour, which was enough. I think I first started really enjoying ‘pop’ music aged 7 and I think this was my first ever ‘favourite’ single; in fact I think Sweet were the first band I remember liking and just may have been my first favourite band.

Songs like ‘Wig-Wam-Bam’ and ‘Ballroom Blitz’ perfectly encapsulated the Glam-Rock era, which was, looking back, a little um… what’s the word for when something doesn’t date very well? Tasteless? Naff? Glam-Rock was massive for two or three years, but any music genre which has Gary Glitter as a cult-figure is immediately fighting a losing battle.

Slade and Mud were rivals for my first fave band, but there was something about Sweet (okay, it was his hair) which attached me to them. I remember watching this, and the sense of awe and excitement which resulted. It’s a rip-roaring Glam stomp which (looking back at old clips) rockers could dance to; shoulders bent forward with thumbs through their belt loops, or more flamboyant types would happily hang on to the hippy rock arms in the air move. I remember singing, not dancing. “Aaaaaaah, aaaaaaah. You better beware, you better take care, you better watch out if you’ve got long black hair!”

1972: Theme To Robinson Crusoe
1973: Sweet – ‘Blockbuster’


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