Theme to ‘Robinson Crusoe’

A life in music No.1 – 1972

Theme to ‘Robinson Crusoe’

I’ve been really enjoying Matt Everitt’s 6music series which follows Cerys Matthews on Sundays. Titled The First Time With…, it features well known musicians and artists recounting their life and how music has played its part; from first and early memories, to how it helped to shape their own lives and careers.

The first music I remember hearing which had an everlasting effect on me is the theme music to the 1960s TV series Robinson Crusoe. I think I first heard this in 1972. I was six years old.

It sounded so sad yet so magical. I have no idea why at that age, it was music such as this rather than, I dunno, the Banana Splits Theme or something a little more um, childish, which just grabbed me, and forty years later has the same effect now as it did then. Listening to it again conjures up very happy, very innocent memories. But it isn’t the associated memories which make this twenty seconds of music so unforgettable and inspiring. Yes, the music fit the programme perfectly – a 13 part black and white adventure series based on the book by Daniel Defoe – although in truth I remember little from the series apart from him being on an island (no shit Sherlock, but c’mon this was 40 years ago) and his best man, Friday. To me this beautiful music sounds like hope, like adventure, like a lifetime of courage.

I love strings in music. Used well they can bring tears to my eyes. Maybe this is why.



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