People and the planet before power and profit

What better reason to start writing again after a four month hiatus than a nail-biting general election. Well, it’s either that or writing about Chelsea boring their way to the league title or serial abuser Floyd ‘Money’ Fucking Mayweather beating Manny Pacquiao despite having hit his various girlfriends with more venom. Or then again I could pretend to be an AFC Bournemouth fan despite not having seen them play in over 30 years. Of course they’ve always been my second team. Just now they’re a much closer second to City. Anyway, politics… Continue reading


Cynicism is humour in ill health

Armchair critics. Armchair cynics. Bad-mouthed and lazy internet bullies. There’s a lot of it going around. With a daily diet of media negativity and fear force fed to us, altering our sub-conscious and perspective, in some ways it’s an understandable and natural reaction; responding in kind, a knee-jerk response of hate. It’s also easy to have opinions in the comfort of your own home, alone, behind the safety net of anonymity and able to back down from discussion at a time that suits. Continue reading


Black Friday – are we angry?

So, Black Friday originates from Philadelphia, USA; a holiday in some states ‘celebrating’ the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or enjoy being in the black. It takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day, where I believe the majority of Americans “give Thanksgiving and Praise to their beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens”. Put another way Black Friday is the day when the gullible, greedy, skint and willing public trample and stab their fellow shoppers for unnecessary goods the day after supposedly being thankful for what they already have. Clearly the British have embraced this great day, like a feeding frenzy of loyal and obedient consumerists. Continue reading


The Who – Quadrophenia

My life in music No.16 – 1982 The Who – ‘Quadrophenia’ Emotionally, as a soon to turn 16 year-old, my internal thoughts, insecurities and voyage of discovery were just about to go into overdrive. The usual teenage dramas were prominent, fuelled and fanned by the music and lyrics that I was consuming daily with fevered gusto. Over thirty years on and I would say with some certainty that the one album that has done more to develop and change, to challenge and question, to confuse and ultimately to inspire me is Quadrophenia, The Who’s glorious homage to the Mod scene of the 1960s and Pete Townshend’s story of Jimmy’s own tortuous voyage of discovery. Continue reading


Russell Brand and The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Russell Brand, the man of the moment, whether he’s loved or loathed, hero-worshiped or hated, is causing quite a stir with his revolutionary hullabaloo. Everyone is having their say, from celebrities to social commentators, right-wing politicians to left-wing footballers, he’s being shot down or smothered with love from every angle. Good. Even his biggest critics can see at worst he’s encouraging debate and activity. For a long while (the Big Brother years) I couldn’t turn off the TV quick enough when he appeared with his cock-sure, overtly sexual gesticulations, which were as off-putting as the piece of shit programme he was presenting. But people change. Or some become better entertainers. Continue reading


Laughing at the fantastic Tesco fiasco

So, Tesco shares have closed the day 6.5% down after they announced profits have been overstated by £263m. Easily done I suppose. Apparently underlying profits have slumped to (a miserly) £783m, down almost 47% on the previous year and sales continued to fall. Good. Fuck ‘em. Some chief exec fella is on his way out too, no doubt with his pockets bulging under the weight of a sizeable cheque and a lifetime of clubcard points. Continue reading


World Mental Health Day – are we learning?

Today is World Mental Health Day. A day to raise awareness and understanding, to encourage discussion and learning, and boy is it needed. Yes, we are getting there slowly. Very slowly, through intelligent discussion and the work of many fantastic charities and organisations, but as long as our understanding of mental health conditions falls way behind our knowledge of physical problems, our ability to help and support those in need will continue to drop woefully short. Continue reading


International Day Of Peace – spread the love…

Where are the headlines? Where are the cards, filling the shelves and feeding the capitalist dream? Where is the shared love, the hash tags and social media frenzy, the public obsession or worldwide attention? Who knows today is the International Day Of Peace? This is nothing new. Established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, every year the 21st September is marked as a day to honour non-violence and cease-fire, a day to educate and raise public awareness on all peace-related issues, and a day to spread a message of love and compassion, essential for the full attainment of our human rights. What could be more worthwhile? Continue reading


One world – independence is a state of mind

So this morning I woke up to the news that we are still the same United Kingdom. It looked for a few days recently like that was all about to change as the No Thanks campaign was on a mission to self-destruct, that was until Gordon ‘The Lionheart’ Brown stepped up to the plate. Brown’s passion, intensity and bravado clearly showed up Darling’s consistently feeble efforts, almost willing Scotland to part. Continue reading